JDDJ and JD.com's Shop Now launch 618 Grand Promotion on-demand consumption guide, revealing fun trends

  • On-demand consumption of soup ingredients up 187% yoy while gift boxes of tea leaves grew 369% year-on-year in Guangzhou.
  • Hotpot ingredients sales saw surge of 86% yoy in Changsha.
  • Children's Day boosted on-demand toy sales with 260% growth.

SHANGHAI, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- JDDJ, China's leading on-demand retail platform operated by Dada Group (NASDAQ: DADA), together with Shop Now, an on-demand retail business jointly launched by Dada Group and JD.com, released recently a guide about on-demand consumption.

Based on data on JDDJ and Shop Now from June 1 to 13 during this year's 618 Grand Promotion, the guide provides a panoramic view, as well as interesting details, of the on-demand consumption landscape in China.

On-demand retail can satisfy consumers' increasing needs for timeliness in terms of deliveries. Thus, the on-demand retail is by its nature an ideal way to cater to those who cook at home or want to eat and drink nicely without going out – for instance, in Guangzhou, a city famous for its gourmand culture, sales of soup ingredients were seen up 187% year-on-year while gift boxes of tea leaves grew 369% year-on-year, between June 1 and 13. The guide also shows black tea, flower and fruit tea, and oolong are the three favorites of Guangzhou citizens.

While in the south-western city Changsha, where the spicy hotpot is a passion of many, JDDJ and Shop Now are much welcomed by citizens as various raw ingredients and the hot red chilies – a must for the dish – are deliverable to home within only one hour after the orders are placed through the platforms. During this year's 618 Grand Promotion, sales of hotpot base ingredients increased by 86% on a year-on-year basis.

The on-demand retail has become an important stock-up channel for the consumers who like to keep their fridges full. JDDJ and Shop Now provide "one-stop" buying experience for consumers with a wide coverage of product categories – the guide shows beef steaks, chicken wings and pork ribs are the best sellers in the fresh food category, and durian is the champion in fruits, with a sales surge of 203% year-on-year.

This year's 618 Grand Promotion coincides with Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival in China. More and more people rely on on-demand retail platforms to buy presents on the day of each festival instead of preparing days before.

According to data from JDDJ and Shop Now, on Children's Day, the sales of toys increased by more than 260% year-on-year and the sales of baby toys increased by more than 190% year-on-year; while during the Dragon Boat Festival, the sales of Zongzi (a glutinous rice ball wrapped with bamboo leaves) increased by more than 3 times and gift boxes of Zongzi increased by more than 9 times.

Compared to frequently consumed products such as fresh food and FMCG, consumer electronics sees increasing sales on JDDJ and Shop Now as consumers become keener on "buy now, use now". Data shows from June 1 to 13, the sales of mobile phones, digital products and gaming laptops increased by 201%, 186% and more than 318%, respectively, on a year-on-year basis.

Other categories, such as sports and medications, also recorded high sales performance on JDDJ and Shop Now during the Grand Promotion. Data shows the sales of women's sports T-shirts and sports pants on the platforms increased by more than 10 times year-on-year. In terms of medications, the guide shows delivery fulfillment remains highly efficient for medication orders on JDDJ and Shop Now – the fastest delivery of all medication orders took only 5 minutes.

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