PTBA to Hold a 3 billion Rupiah Worth Competition to Tackle Climate Change

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- PT Bukit Asam Tbk (IDX:PTBA) has officially launched its Bukit Asam Innovation Awards 2022 (BAIA 2022): Greenovator, embracing the theme of "Decarbonization Competition". This competition shows PTBA's devotion to overcome apparent challenges caused by climate crisis through the development of effective research-based technology. 

PTBA to Hold a 3 billion Rupiah Worth Competition to Tackle Climate Change

PTBA accelerating green transformations through the BAIA 2022 Greenovator awards and roadshows to encourage adoption

Through this competition that began on March 22, 2022, PTBA is inviting all reliable researchers and innovators in the field of environment and mining to develop technologies that are effective, within the framework of business and environmental sustainability. BAIA 2022 registrations are currently open until August 31, 2022.

Greenovator Competition Categories

Greenovator is accepting work of innovations within two categories, namely Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage (CCUS) and Carbon Reduction. The prize amounting to Rp3 billion will be given to the best ten innovation works by the end of the event.

The technologies that fall within the CCUS category is related to the method in post-combustion processes in Power Generation activities of Steam Power (PLTU) and gasification plant, with carbon capture as its main instrument requirement.

The second category is Carbon Reduction, focusing on the methods used in reducing the excess of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission in coal mining and utilisation activities through the scheme of energy efficiency, electrification, renewables, equipment optimization, et cetera. 

The Urgency of Technology Innovation

Today, the process to tackle down the effect of climate crisis has encountered various obstacles and challenges, ranging from the availability of alternative energy, global energy dependence, to technological developments that may not be fully optimized. However, since the issuance of international commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, the need for development of decarbonization technologies is becoming more evident.

"These obstacles and challenges provide an opportunity for organisations, institutions, startups, and the public to showcase sophisticated innovation ideas that are effective to overcome the excess of carbon emission and gain recognition. Furthermore, this Greenovator competition can serve as an early steppingstone for participants who want to diversify their business towards green energy," explains Iko Gusman, Chairman of the Committee BAIA 2022 Greenovator.

Currently, Greenovator is conducting a series of roadshows and workshops for knowledge-sharing amongst stakeholders amid the rapid development of science and technology, especially in the field of decarbonization technology.

"We are expecting all the best organisations and individuals in decarbonization technology field to participate in BAIA 2022 Greenovator. This also can be seen as a serious and consistent effort from PTBA to support the government's ESG policy based of the National Medium-Term Plan (RPJMN) 2020-2024 and Indonesia's Presidency in G20 to realize Net Zero Emission in 2060," said Iko.

For those who are interested in registering for the BAIA 2022: Greenovator competition, visit

Further information regarding Greenovator is available here.

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