XIMI-V Joint Operation Business Model

GUANGZHOU, China, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Global fast-fashion brand XIMI-V with FMCGs as its key products has recently launched a new business model – joint operation.

XIMI-V Joint Operation Business Model

XIMI-V global stores (part)

Over the last few years, the franchise has been a major business between XIMI-V and its investors. Both XIMI-V headquarters and its franchisees are able to earn sound acknowledgment and benefits due to this business model.

To further enhance its brand awareness and transfer more profits to the partners, XIMI-V recently has launched a new business model – joint operation, for the purpose of closely connecting each other and bringing more benefits for both parties.

  • Difference between franchise and joint operation


Franchisees who cooperated with XIMI-V enjoy high profits without sharing and are allowed to operate the store independently. XIMI-V headquarters will provide professional guidance, training, and after-sales services during the whole process. This business model features cost-effective operation and diversified products, which is advantageous in a relatively short payback period. 

Joint operation:

It involves low investment risks and stable revenues.  With a professional one-stop operation provided by the XIMI-V headquarters, this kind of business model is both time and money-saving. Custody-operated and administrated, there is no need to worry about the inventory pressure.
  • Features and advantages of XIMI-V joint operation
Low investment and cash flow budget Without pressure on inventory Safe, high, and stable return Good exit mechanism Product deposit system

Under the deposit system, investors are able to pay the product deposits at one time, which includes the deposit for the first patch of products and each purchase.

Plus, there is no need for investors to bear inventory pressure, which is good for avoiding the market operation risks for investors.

Apart from these, the deposit will be returned when the contract expires. As a result, its ROI is much higher than the traditional buyout system.

About XIMI-V

XIMI-V is a retailer providing high-quality lifestyle daily products in a cost-effective manner. It has opened more than 1,700 stores in 93 countries, such as the USA, UK, France, UAE, China, Indonesia, Cyprus, etc.

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