Soul Zhang Lu To Participate As Producer For 'Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream'

SHANGHAI, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the movie 'Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream' was announced to be released in China on June 24. Soul App founder, Zhang Lu, is to debut as a movie producer. How does this cross-border collaboration enrich the story? Here is your teaser trailer.

Soul Zhang Lu To Participate As Producer For 'Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream'

Soul Zhang Lu

'Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream' is directed by Wang Chong, starring Wang Xiaokun and Zhang Yihan, and tells a healing story about growth, friendship and nature. Biubiu, a little boy from Taiwan, was sent to his grandmother's house due to family changes. When he first arrived in this picturesque village, he met a group of friends. They embarked on a journey to find the 'guardian angel' together, explored the secrets of the woods together, and forged a deep friendship with everyone in the defense battle... In this heart-searching journey, Biubiu gained the recognition of his friends and the most pure and beautiful childhood memories.

Soul App was launched in 2016 and has widely acknowledged by young generations. The platform is based on the interest graph and social portrait of young generations, as well as gamified product design, to provide users with an immersive and interactive social experience. According to public information, Soul has 33.2 million monthly active users, and over 70% of its users are Generation Z. A large number of young users surf happily in the social metaverse created by SOUL, in the meantime, they meet like-minded friends and establish close friendships. This is a reflection for SOUL's mission, which is to create a 'Soul'cial mateverse for young generations. And, this is also the reason that SOUL invested in this film. Wang Chong, the film director, has stated,  "'Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream' and Soul App have something in common in 'pureness and healing', "The woods in the movie enshrine children's beautiful memories, just as Gen Zer's memories of friendship cultivates in SOUL."Wang Chong also talked about the time he found Soul Zhang Lu to introduce the project. He said that after reading the script, Zhang Lu was moved by many details in the film:"Those seemingly ordinary stories, however, evoke the warmness of childhood memories."

SOUL has always insisted on exploring cutting-edge gamified product functions, hoping to continuously build more rich and diverse social scenarios, bringing everyone a warm and healing interactive experience. Investing in 'Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream'is the resonance of SOUL's original intention.

'Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream' will be launched soon. Please stay tuned and see what surprise Soul Zhang Lu and the director Wang Chong will bring us .

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