Clean Conscience launches Eco-friendly Odour Care and Hypoallergenic Laundry Pods

designed to be convenient, readily biodegradable, safer and gentler on the skin while maintaining long-lasting fragrance and powerful cleaning performance

SINGAPORE, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In conjunction with World Environment Day (which falls on June 5, 2022), Clean Conscience, a sustainability-focused company that produces eco-friendly products is pleased to launch two types of laundry pods: Odour Care and Hypoallergenic. The environmentally friendly product was first stocked in selected supermarkets in Singapore in December last year.

Clean Conscience launches Eco-friendly Odour Care and Hypoallergenic Laundry Pods

Clean Conscience laundry pods

Ms Lisa Ti, Co-founder of Clean Conscience said, "Clean Conscience's patented technology offers powerful cleaning performance while being kind to the environment. Consumers have the option of Odour Care pods that have a powerful cleaning capability with a stronger scent, or Hypoallergenic pods that are also powerful at eliminating dirt but are certified allergy safe and especially gentler on sensitive skin and clothes (for example, baby clothing)."

"Our goal at Clean Conscience is to make eco-friendly products a household commodity. We do our best to make better choices towards a brighter future for the next generation. It's less about one person being an environmentalist or eco-warrior and more about everyone doing their part by taking small, positive steps to live more sustainably."

Certified with Safe Cosmetics Australia

Made with naturally derived and plant-derived ingredients, Clean Conscience laundry pods are formulated to be kind to the skin, with no added paraben, triclosan or formaldehyde. The laundry pods meet Safe Cosmetics Australia's stringent standards and are certified to be:  

  • Toxic-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made safe
  • Vegan formulation
  • Allergy certified

The future of laundry – readily biodegradable, compact and plastic waste-free

With an attention to detail, every aspect of the laundry pod product has been carefully thought through to make it less harmful to the environment—from the ingredients and packaging materials used, the manufacturing process, to the shape of the FSC-certified paper boxes which make it lighter, more compact and easier to transport, compared to traditional liquid detergent. Within the box, the laundry pods are enclosed in a plant-based inner bag that is 100% compostable. This makes the packaging Zero-Waste, without contributing to the ever-growing plastic waste problem.

Clean Conscience laundry pods are easily biodegradable – (including the PVA film) with no need to unwrap before using. Designed with functionality in mind, each laundry pod features a cheerful heart shape and two petal-shaped compartments that contain high-grade stain-removing enzymes and non-toxic surfactants which are more efficient and less harmful to the environment.  

All-in-one formula

Practically, using laundry pods prevents the overuse of detergent which can lead to an overflow of suds. In addition, Clean Conscience's larger pod size of 20 grams means that the consumer does not need to use multiple pods at a time to achieve a cleaner load of laundry. Moreover, its all-in-one formula saves consumers the need to purchase extra products such as fabric softeners, stain removers and fragrance boosters.

Both Odour Care pods and Hypoallergenic pods have the following features:

  • Made from high quality plant-derived ingredients
  • Malodour-Care Technology that removes and prevents undesirable smells/scents
  • Smart Enzyme Technology, Stain Remover technology and non-toxic surfactants that get rid of dirt and "fat" stains like oil and grease with great efficiency
  • Custom Peony and Sakura allergen-free fragrance developed by a leading Japanese fragrance company
  • Antibacterial formula to kill germs and extra silver ions to help keep clothes fresher for a longer time

Difference between Odour Care pods and Hypoallergenic pods

Hypoallergenic pods

Odour Care pods

  • Clinically tested hypoallergenic in a longer and more comprehensive test that allows people with more sensitive skin to use this product
  • Specialised formulation for sensitive skin


  • Tested for skin irritation




Each box of Clean Conscience Laundry Pods concentrate contains 20 laundry pods and weighs 420g. The product is currently available in Singapore at all NTUC Finest outlets and selected Cold Storage, MarketPlace, NTUC Xtra, NTUC Supermarkets and Giant stores. It is also available on Redmart and Lazada.

Introductory Price: S$9.95 per box.

Odour Care laundry pods: S$12.95 RRP

Hypoallergenic laundry pods: S$14.95 RRP


About Clean Conscience 

Originally founded in the UK and presently headquartered in Singapore, Clean Conscience specialises in producing high quality eco-friendly hygiene products for homes, self-care and pets. 

Clean Conscience's team of formulation scientists are continuously making improvements to its products to provide the best for its customers and the Earth. The commitment is to use only plant and mineral-based ingredients to minimise the impact on the environment.  One of the company's other goals is to eliminate plastic waste from its products.

The following key features are part of Clean Conscience's brand promise:

The use of alternative packaging instead of traditional plastics wherever possible. For example, Clean Conscience uses aluminium and glass bottles, FSC certified paper, and recycled plastics for bulk products. The use of only ingredients with high biodegradability (more than 95%). Appropriate value pricing to ensure a balance of cost factors with affordability without compromising on quality. All products are certified by global certification bodies.

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