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As an outstanding representative of China's civil kilns, Cizhou Kiln has been inscribed into national-level intangible cultural heritage entries. Its firing techniques have fully absorbed essential elements of porcelain arts in the Song (960-1279) and Jin (1115-1234) dynasties and gone beyond the limitations of five major official kilns in the Song Dynasty. With far-reaching influence, it has been known for profound cultural deposit, rich folk color and unique characteristics.

With the discovery of numerous kiln sites, people have gradually learned more about the history of Cizhou Kiln. White-glazed vase, pillows and basins have shown to the world the beauty of black decorations on white ground in traditional Chinese arts. In Pengcheng Town, Cizhou Kiln's traditional firing techniques have given rise to the ceramic culture, including commercial districts, folk culture, oral literature and kiln-building art.

How does Cizhou Kiln become widely known at home and abroad? How does the intangible handicraft regain new vitality? At the invitation of Yue Kun, Adrian Young, a British who has a deep affection for Chinese culture, visits Pengcheng Town in Handan, Hebei Province and learns the special porcelain-making craft from locals. Let's follow him and find more about the ancient handicraft.

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