The 20th CAEXPO Roadshow in Singapore inked $145.9 million in intended cooperation

BEIJING, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A report from CRIOnline:

The 20th CAEXPO Roadshow in Singapore inked $145.9 million in intended cooperation

The 20th China-ASEAN Expo Overseas Exhibition is held in Singapore. (photo by Huang Ke)

The 20th CAEXPO Roadshow in Singapore ended successfully on the afternoon of April 5th. The roadshow was attended by about 80 companies from Guangxi as well as more than 400 professional Singapore buyers. The ratio of exhibitors to purchasers invited exceeded 1:5. Wuzhou Liubao tea, Hengzhou jasmine tea, Guangxi specialty fruits, prepared vegetables, golf carts and sightseeing cars are among the most popular products, and many companies have received orders.

For example, during the roadshow, Guangxi Qiaowang Pulp Packing Products had a face-to-face business negotiation with Duni, a European customer headquartered in Sweden with its Asia-Pacific office set up in Singapore, and has received a new sales order of 3 million yuan this year.

According to reports, at an industry trade symposium held the previous afternoon during the roadshow, 49 exhibitors from agricultural products and food, new energy products, legal and medical services, project investment and other fields had on-site exchanges and negotiations with more than 200 buyers.

Lee Yi Shyan, chairman of Singapore's Business China, said that due to the lack of physical exchanges in the past few years, Guangxi products are now entering the Singapore market will help local companies strengthen trade and investment cooperation with Guangxi.

As of April 5th, the exhibition has reached a cooperation intention amount of $145.8649 million, including $124.2161 million for procurement, $14.5348 million for investment, and $7.114 million for service trade.

Source: CRIOnline
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