Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia Opens Today, Bringing 104 Days of Immersive Marvel Cinematic Universe Experience to Fans in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the first-ever Marvel Studios Exhibition in Indonesia and the largest Marvel Exhibition in Southeast Asia, officially launched at Pondok Indah Mall 3. Starting from June 3 for 104 days until September 14, 2022, Marvel fans in Indonesia will be immersed in the multi-sensory world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at the Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia.

Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia Opens Today, Bringing 104 Days of Immersive Marvel Cinematic Universe Experience to Fans in Indonesia

Cosplay Show From Indonesia Marvel Community on the Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia Opening Ceremony

Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia will showcase an impressive collection of more than 60 MCU original movie props, costumes, and concept art from selected movies. Visitors can relive the past decade of Marvel Studios' storytelling through a wide array of galleries chronicling the epic adventures of their favorite Super Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Wanda Maximoff, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Shang Chi, Eternals and Moon Knight. 

"For the past decade and more, Marvel continues to tell epic stories of Super Heroes that resonate with Indonesian audiences of all ages. We're pleased to collaborate with Visindotama Medikarsa Prima and Beast Kingdom to bring these iconic stories and characters closer to our local fans through this special experience at Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia for the very first time. We hope we can continue to look for more creative and innovative ways to create an emotional bond and be a part of everyday lives of our fans here in Indonesia open new doors of entertainment for everyone," said Vineet Puri, General Manager, Indonesia, The Walt Disney Company. 

To bring Marvel Studios' stories closer to Marvel fans in Indonesia, Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia will also hold a variety of interactive engagement activities, collaborating with various local creative communities that will be announced in the upcoming days.

"We're honored to collaborate with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia and Beast Kingdom to hold not only the first Marvel Exhibition in Indonesia but also the largest Marvel Exhibition in Southeast Asia. Marvel Studios' stories have captivated the hearts and minds of loyal fans all over the world, including here in Indonesia. We hope that Marvel fans and visitors can relive Marvel Studios' epic storytelling through this exhibition, immerse themselves into their favorite Marvel characters and stories and enjoying  all the engagement activities that we've arranged throughout the exhibition," said Dendy Triadi, Project Director Visindotama Medikarsa Prima, the exhibition's organizer and promotor.

Tickets can now be purchased online starting from IDR100,000 for Student and IDR275,000 for normal price at the official ticketing partner,, and will also be available at ticket boxes in Pondok Indah Mall. For more information and updates on Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes Exhibition Indonesia, please visit Official Website Marvel Exhibition Indonesia.

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The first Marvel exhibition in Indonesia, and the largest in Southeast Asia to date, Marvel Studios: A Universe of Heroes, showcasing the epic stories of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Presenting more than 60 original artifacts - costumes, props and concept art - from a spectrum of films that have been released in theaters and Disney+ Hotstar original series from Marvel Studios spread over 13 unique zones in an area of more than 2,000 M2 located in Pondok Indah Mall 3. This exhibition will provide a stunning multi-sensory experience and recreational set for visitors.



This is the opening zone that contains a collection of movie posters and brief descriptions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's journey from 2008, Iron Man, to the latest release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) as well as shows from Disney+ Hotstar original series such as Loki, Wandavision. and MoonKnight.

Zone #2 IRON MAN:

Is the zone of the most iconic super hero character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man. In this zone, visitors are presented with iconic experiences ranging from the Stark Industries Tower, the multi-media show called Iron Man Projection Mapping, seeing firsthand Dum-E the Tony Stark's first personal assistant, and one of the best selfie opportunities in the Hall of Seven Armor (Mark I – VII).


Contains the unique experiences of the patriot character, Captain America. Starting from a series of posters a la Smithsonian Museum: Captain America from the iconic scene of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, four shields that have been used; The Vibranium Shield, Wakandan Shield, USO Shield, Stealth Shield, and Sam Wilson's Shield and Wings. Rows of Captain America costumes featured in Captain America: The First Avenger and the latest Captain America costumes from the Disney+ Hotstar original series, Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Visitors can also enjoy a multimedia presentation entitled Digital Wall of Shields.

Zone #4 THOR:

This zone will welcome visitors with a multi-sensory experience blending immersive graphics and audio technology, reminiscent of the iconic Bifrost Bridge. Entering the world of Asgard, we will be greeted with original costumes and props such as Heimdall, Stormbreaker, Loki's Scepter, and Mjolnir costumes. Interestingly, there will be a recreation set titled Thor Interactive, where visitors can try to lift Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir. Are you worthy to lift it?


For the next zone, we will dive into the character of Doctor Strange. Entering a cross-dimensional portal, titled New York Mirror Dimension, visitors can experience teleportation to the iconic location, New York Sanctum Sanctorum. Visitors are also presented with various interactive experiences such as Time Manipulation, Bending Reality, Window through Augmented Reality technology. Visitors can also witness the original costumes of Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo.


This zone will take visitors to an intergalactic adventure with Star Lord and friends in The Guardians of The Galaxy Zone. Visitors will be presented with original props from characters in GOTG, such as The Original Star Lord's Helmet, Rocket's Gun In this zone, there will also be an interactive experience suitable for families titled Dancing Baby Groot, where visitors can swaying while enjoying the music of Guardians of the Galaxy, accompanied by Baby Groot who with the latest technology will imitate the movements of the visitors.


In this zone, visitors will be taken to the Wakanda Force Field with an ambience and atmosphere built just like we are in Wakanda. Visitors will enter a unique Panther-shaped cave, where visitors can also take pictures with the life-size Action Figure of the leader of Wakanda, Black Panther. After that, visitors will enter Shuri's Laboratory containing the original costumes of the cast of Black Panther, Shuri's Gauntlet and other artifacts from the Black Panther Movie and Vibranium Gauntlets, which are advanced weapons with Wakanda technology made by Shuri.

Zone #8 ANT-MAN:

Entering the Quantum Realm, Visitors will be presented with the original helmet of the Super Hero Ant-Man, the only exclusive in the world. After that, visitors will enter The Quantum Tunnel, the gateway between dimensions in the Ant-Man Movie and experience being Ant-Man controlling the formation of ants in the interactive content titled… Visitors can also see firsthand the original Hank Pym helmet used in the film…


Entering this zone, visitors will be presented with various collections and content from the film The Avengers. First, visitors will be amazed by the rows of Gauntlet collections on display, belonging to Thanos, Hulk and Iron Man. Also featured is the original Brief-Case containing the Infinity Stones that Captain America brought in the scene of The Avengers: End Game. There is an interactive multimedia presentation where visitors can explore and get information about the power of each Infinity Stones. Also featured are Pepper Potts Costume, Rescue Suit, Thanos Big Figurine and the only one in Southeast Asia, Iron Man Mark LXXXV Armor which was used by Iron Man in the final battle against Thanos in The Avengers: End Game.


In this Zone, Visitors can get a closer look at the three original costumes from the Black Widow Movie; The Black Costume used by Black Widow, the Costume from the Task Master, and also the special costume of the Red Guardian. Experience directly being a Secret Agent - Black Widow uses Widow's Bite - Her signature weapon is a bracelet that emits electric shocks.

Zone #11 SHANG-CHI:

When visiting this zone, visitors will be immediately greeted with original costumes from the film Shang Chi: Legend of The Ten Rings, where visitors can get a closer look at two iconic costumes, namely Sang Chi's Costume: and his Ten Rings that give immortal power, as well as costumes His enemy is Wen Wu's Suit who is also his own father and leader of The Mandarins.

Zone #12 ETERNALS:

Entering the Zone from the Eternals Movie, Visitors are presented with the journey of the Eternals couple Ikaris and Sersi. Visitors can see firsthand the costumes used by Ikaris, the most powerful Super Hero among the Eternals with his ability to fly and emit cosmic fire energy from his eyes, and the original costume of Sersi, the Super Hero who has the power to turn any object into any molecule.

Zone #13 HAWKEYE:

Being in this zone, visitors will be presented with costumes from the Disney+ Hotstar series, Hawkeye. Featured in the Original Hawkeye Costume, visitors have the opportunity to see the various bows and arrows used by Hawkeye, a sniper with unmistakable accuracy; and a Ronin costume complete with his sword that appeared in Avengers: End Game.


Entering the Wandavision Zone, visitors will be presented with a vintage-style ambience blending the world of the 40s to 60s by displaying a classic Living Room shaped like the Living Room at Wanda's House and Vision in the Disney+ Hotstar original series, Wandavision. Visitors can see firsthand the Wanda Maximoff costume she wore in the Wandavision series and the film Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness (2022).


Just finished on Disney+ Hotstar, the original Moon Knight series, visitors can see firsthand the original Moon Knight costume which is the alter ego of Marc Specter.

 Zone #15 RETAIL AREA:

Journey Marvel Exhibition will end at Thematic Retail Area, a place where exclusive Marvel licensed products are sold, where visitors can buy toys, action figures, figurines including a limited edition toy collection that can only be obtained at the Marvel Exhibition. Besides being able to buy Marvel merchandise, there are interactive offerings that visitors shouldn't miss, such as:

Photo Booth: Opportunity to take pictures with your friends, family or partners, get collectible items in the form of photo collages with Marvel Theme frames

Draw your own heroes: After seeing various Marvel Super Heroes on the previous journey, now it's the turn of visitors to create their own Super Hero. Visitors can draw on the available screen media and design the appearance of the Super Hero at will

Don't forget to experience the Marvel Cinematic Studios themed during the exhibition:

Activities for children (PASSBOOK)

Children under the age of 12 will receive a Marvel Avengers activity booklet at the entrance of the exhibition. Participate in various Marvel activities to get redeemable MARVEL pins at the end of the exhibition.

Instagrammable Wall Quote

At the end of their trip, visitors had the opportunity to take pictures with the Marvel Cinematic Universe Iconic Quote Background from Avengers: Endgame.

Collectible Marvel ID

Marvel Exhibition visitors are given a Marvel ID Card with different Marvel Super Hero characters in every multiple of their arrival. Get a Marvel ID Card with an exclusive color for visitors who have visited Marvel Exhibition Indonesia for the third time.


Enjoy a variety of unique Marvel Studios collections that are different from Merchandise at Marvel Exhibition City Hall. Don't miss to buy thematic merchandise which will only be available during the exhibition

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Iron Man Hall of Armor in Marvel Exhibition Indonesia

Inaugurating the first Marvel Studios’ exhibition in Indonesia, Husin Widjajakusuma, President Director of PT. Metropolitan Kentjana TBK; Lam Yee Shiuh, General Manager of Beast Kingdom Southeast Asia; Jon Kee, Director Central Marketing Services, The Walt Disney Company; Dendy Triadi the CEO of Visindotama Medikarsa Prima.

Ant-Man Original Costume in Marvel Exhibition Indonesia
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