Blackview Launches the World's First 99.44% Anti Blue Light Glasses - Say No to Eye Problems

Blackview Launches the World's First 99.44% Anti Blue Light Glasses - Say No to Eye Problems

SHENZHEN, China, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As an innovative tech company, Blackview focuses on more than just electronic devices with TÜV Rheinland's low blue light certificated display. Born from a concern for users' eye health, including blue light blocking, UV protection, and anti-glare, Blackview launches new anti blue light glasses BG802, which are dedicated to providing users with the best anti blue light eye protection and perfect eye comfort.

First, let's define what blue light is and why we should block blue light.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that can reach the retina through the eye, which is naturally from sunlight but is also emitted by digital devices such as laptops while watching TV, smartphones while playing games, tablets while working, etc.

Why should we block blue light?

Unlike other types of light, it cannot be effectively filtered by the eyes. Recently, the scientific community has gradually recognized the risks of blue light, particularly harmful blue light, caused to the eyes in four areas including visual fatigue, circadian rhythms, eye disease, and retinal damage.

According to research, blue light can have both positive and negative effects on users' eyes and general health. While harmful blue light is mostly produced by artificial sources of digital devices with wavelengths between 415 and 445 nm, beneficial blue light is primarily derived from natural sources of sunshine with a wavelength range between 445 and 500 nm.

In light of the dual effects of blue light, Blackview BG802 uses Segmented Anti Blue Light Lens, which prevents 99.44% of harmful blue light from digital devices like smartphones, laptops, and PCs while retaining beneficial blue light from sunshine.

Then, let's look at how to select anti blue light glasses and the differences between the various lenses of anti blue light glasses in the market.

How to choose the right anti-blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses come in a variety of styles in the market. According to the three primary colors of visible light, red, green, and blue, if blue is blocked or absorbed, red and green will superimpose, resulting in yellow. Thus, the darker the yellow lenses are, the more efficiently they block blue light.As a result, anti blue light lenses in the market have clear, light yellow, or dark yellow in color. There are various degrees of blue light blocking and eye comfort depending on the color of the lenses.

In order to provide long-lasting comfort and a higher level of anti-blue light experience, Blackview's laboratory has cooperated with the relevant research institute of Tsinghua University to launch the high-level dark yellow anti blue light glasses- Blackview BG802.

Besides dark yellow lenses, Blackview BG802 has the best lenses with up to 99.44% blue light blocking, 100% of UV protection, 92.5% of high light transmittance with naked eye vision, and anti-glare for driving safety. And the best frame with memory glasses temples, eco-friendly silicone nose pads, exquisite hinges, and the best materials for easier cleaning and portability.

 Top -Comfort+Perfect Protection Lenses

Up to 99.44% of Anti Blue Light Blocking

- Harmful Blue Light  Killer

Given the risks associated with exposure to harmful blue light, including eye pain, vision loss, and eye illnesses, Blackview has committed to finding solutions for users. Achieving double blue light blocking with OAR Anti-radiation Coating and Optical Absorptive Substrate, Blackview BG802 offers up to 99.44% anti-blue light blocking with TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification, which is approximately three times the blue light blocking compared to the majority of blue light glasses that only block 30–50% blue light.

It provides complete eye protection to prevent eye strain, dry eyes, and vision loss after a long day of working, studying, or gaming in front of a screen, which is highly recommended for those who spend long hours staring at screens, such as office workers, students, and avid gamers, to reduce visual fatigue and protect their eyesight.

Up to 100% of UV Protection

- No Fear of the Sunlight

The UV rays from the sun can cause significant eye pain or even result in eye illnesses like cataracts, therefore Blackview considers the  UV rays protection for people who work or travel outdoors and are exposed to the sun's rays for extended periods of time. Not only does the Blackview BG802 shield users' eyes from harmful blue light, but it also provides 100% of UV Protection to reduce the effects of UV rays on users' eyes. There is no need to be concerned about eye deterioration from day-long sun exposure, whether users take a beach stroll, or go on an outdoor excursion.

The Trendy Glass Changes Color Freely

- Indoor Yellow & Outdoor Black

Blackview is also concerned with the worries of some users who are not quite able to accept the yellow lenses. For improved visual enjoyment and fashionable trends, Blackview BG802 employs intelligent anti blue light photochromic lenses, which automatically adjust the color shades based on the intensity of ultraviolet light to appear black outdoors, further matching the user's dressing freely. When it's indoors, it takes good care of users' eyes while they are playing games, working, or studying. When used outdoors, it effectively protects users' eyes from UV rays while they are at the beach or shopping, ensuring the user's eyes are as comfortable as possible.

 Naked Eye Experience

- Up to 92.5% of  Light Transmittance

Blackview has observed that some users of spherical lenses encounter vision problems, such as blurred vision and vertigo. The main reason for this is that the majority of eyeglasses on the market only transmit light at a rate of 50%–70%. As flat anti blue light glasses, Blackview BG802 is made of nano-resin material with excellent optical performance, providing up to 92.5% of high light transmission rate, which is half as high as ordinary glasses and results in a naked eye experience with clearer vision. When the glasses are worn, the world appears brighter and more realistic, resulting in a more pleasant experience and improved vision. The high light transmission offers users the full shape and color of text and images, so users can view work documents or gaming videos in clearer vision, effectively reducing eye strain and protecting the eyes.

Anti-glare Safety Driving Assistance

-Anti-glare Glasses for Clearer Vision & Safer Driving

Blackview has discovered that users are easily affected by glare while driving, such as direct sunlight and tunnel lights during the day, as well as high beams and headlights from opposite cars during the night, which can endanger users' eyes and driving safety, and even lead to temporary blindness in severe cases. Blackview BG802 achieves anti-glare effect by adding nano-yellow factor to reduce the brightness of strong light to ensure softness of vision and restore real vision to ensure driving safety. Even when driving in the snow or desert during the day, it can block the glare, allowing users to see the world clearly and explore the outdoors more comfortably. Even when driving at night, it ensures a softer glare in extremely dark environments, making it more comfortable for users' eyes and killing all the irritation even for all-night driving.

 Top-Comfort and Eco-Friendly Frame

-Elastic Memory Temples + Silicone Nose Pads + Delicate Hinges

Blackview places a premium on users' comfort of wearing glasses. To address the issue of auricular pain caused by wearing too tight eyeglasses temples for an extended period of time. Blackview BG802 is made of eco-friendly titanium alloy with only 25g weighs, which significantly reduces pressure on ears when compared to some 50g glasses in the market; and its memory temples do not need to be adjusted every time, allowing them to fit the shape of users' ears perfectly without leaving traces. To alleviate nasion pain caused by wearing tough eyeglass temples for an extended period of time, Blackview BG802's silicone nose pad provides a soft and comfortable wearing experience by evenly distributing the pressure of the eyeglasses across the bridge of the nose, leaving no marking without pain even after 8 hours of wearing. To solve the problem of hinge breakage caused by overly loose hinges, Blackview BG802 employs reinforced hinges that are less likely to break and have been tested up to 5,000 times to ensure durability.

Oil-resistance and Eco-Friendly Materials

- Easy to Clean + Easy to Take

Blackview has taken into account the user's worries concerning lens hygiene and portability in addition to wearing comfort. Some users are concerned about getting oil, fingerprints, or dust on their glasses. The oleophobic layer of the Blackview BG802 is oil and fingerprint resistant, making it less susceptible to oil, fingerprints, dust, and other particles. Compared to other glasses that require professional cleaning with cleaning solutions, Blackview BG802 is as clean as new after a quick wipe with an eyeglass cloth. Some users are concerned that the glasses will be too heavy and large to carry while they go out, so the eco-friendly nano-resin material used in the Blackview BG802 is very light, weighing only half an egg, and the frame of the glasses is small, which is just half the size of a cell phone, making them easy to carry on any occasion. Whether it's a biking trip on the beach, shopping in the market, or walking on campus, the users won't be burdened.

Prices and Availability:

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