Nine Historians Each to Receive $300,000, Supporting Critical Research and Cutting-Edge Methodologies 

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dan David Prize, the largest history prize in the world, today announced its 2023 winners - nine early and midcareer scholars and practitioners, whose work illuminates the past in bold and creative ways. Each of the winners - who work in Kenya, Ireland, Denmark, Israel, Canada and the United States - will receive $300,000 (USD) in recognition of their achievements and to support their future endeavors.

"Our winners represent a new generation of historians," said Ariel David, board member of the Prize and son of the founder. "They are changing our understanding of the past by asking new questions, targeting under-researched topics and using innovative methods. Many of the winners we are recognizing today are still in the early stages of their careers, but they have already challenged how we think about history. Understanding the past, in all its complexity, is critical to illuminating the present and confronting the challenges of the future."

The 2023 Dan David Prize winners are: Saheed Aderinto, Florida International University; Ana Antic, University of Copenhagen; Karma Ben Johanan, Hebrew University; Elise Burton, University of Toronto; Adam Clulow, University of Texas at Austin; Krista Goff, University of Miami; Stephanie Jones-Rogers, University of California Berkeley; Anita Radini, University College, Dublin; Chao Tayiana Maina, a public historian based in Kenya.

Among these winners are those redefining the ways students and the public can engage with history, including a professor who develops video games and VR to immerse audiences in different eras, and a public historian who uses digital technologies to reveal previously hidden or suppressed historical narratives in Kenya. The Prize is also recognizing scholars employing innovative methodologies, such as analyzing dental plaque to understand working conditions in the past, and the history of genetics, physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, and biomedicine in the Middle East.

About the Dan David Prize

The Dan David Prize is the largest history prize in the world. At a time of diminishing support for the humanities, the Prize celebrates the next generation of outstanding historians, archaeologists, curators and digital humanists. Each year, up to nine researchers are awarded $300,000 each in recognition of their achievements and to support their future endeavors.


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