Entrust ICT and ZStack reach a partnership in the clouds and new jobs

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Australia today became the home of a partnership forged between Victoria's Entrust ICT Solutions Company and Hong Kong-based Cloud-Computing Services giant, ZStack International.

And with it, the creation of a significant number of new jobs Australia-wide to support a local Distributed Cloud Solution. 

As is with most partnerships with foreign entities, revenue flows offshore, however, the Entrust ZStack partnership will see revenue reinvested back into the Australian economy.

The partnership will also redefine how cloud services are offered and the change in operational behaviour companies undertake and their approach to using cloud solutions. Entrust ICT, will become the official channel partner in Australia and New Zealand for the Hong Kong giant, and unlike current ZStack's decision to partner with Entrust ICT to expand into Australia and NZ, is a major strategic push about how maximum value will be offered to and gained by partners when moving away from what is now seen as traditional cloud offerings to a new platform of hybrid solutions.

ZStack is a leading cloud computing and virtualisation solutions company delivering advanced infrastructure for Business, Enterprise, and Service Provider markets.

The Hong Kong cloud computing giant, who's also in partnership with Alibaba Cloud Solutions, has provided more than 2,000 companies globally with the ability to build their businesses and run applications on an advanced, reliable and secured cloud platform.

Entrust ICT CEO, Vincent Kennedy, said he is excited with the partnership between Entrust and ZStack. "This partnership reflects Entrust ICT's desire to collaborate with businesses that share in our vision of delivering quality solutions and services to Partners, and along with the creation of new jobs also marks a significant part of Entrust's growth strategy."

According to Kennedy, ZStack has embraced the concept of the 4S standards; Simple, Strong, Scalable, and Smart and will allow Entrust ICT to provide its partners with competitive solutions to meet customer requirements.

"I am passionate about Entrust ICT taking on this opportunity and look forward to working closely with the ZStack team."

Keith Poon, Executive Managing Director of ZStack International, said, ZStack is pleased to appoint Entrust ICT as its distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

"Cloud adoption has become an essential part of the newly agile business world. This partnership with Entrust ICT comes at an opportune time as we progress towards a more advanced technology era, and we will accelerate the digital transformation altogether.

"With Entrust ICT's channel reach, we are confident that this partnership will yield positive outcomes for both parties moving forward."

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