TPIsoftware Wins Two 2022 Future Commerce Awards with Its digiRunner and SysTalk.Chat

TPIsoftware Wins Two 2022 Future Commerce Awards with Its digiRunner and SysTalk.Chat

TAIPEI, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Future Commerce Award ceremony, organized by Business Next to highlight innovative breakthroughs by Taiwanese companies, was held on April 28th. At the event, first-time entrant TPIsoftware garnered both the Best Technology Innovation and the Best Product Innovation awards. digiRunner, an enterprise API management platform, won the Silver Award for Best Technology Innovation with its comprehensive functionalities backed by six patents, while SysTalk.Chat, an AI-powered conversational customer service chatbot, won the Bronze Award in the most competitive category, Best Product Innovation, for its dual algorithms and ability to answer questions in a wide variety of situations.

This year's list of winners shows that businesses across industries are developing "zero-touch" business applications, and same for TPIsoftware's two winning products. digiRunner provides a perfect management platform for enterprises to integrate a large number of APIs with different functionalities and intertwined services. Besides patented technologies, the security mechanisms such as identity verification and anti-hacking are also in place. Moreover, digiRunner significantly reduces the development time of applications and allows for quick implementation, enabling cross-industry business-opportunity-creating alliances. SysTalk.Chat is a comprehensive AI chatbot that is not only endowed with professional algorithms and maintenance tools, but has also integrated in AI-driven application management functionalities that mimic human conversational behaviors. TPIsoftware has assisted many large customers, including banks, government agencies, medical institutions and retail outlets, in implementing the new platform and interfacing with their existing customer service systems.

The Future Commerce Award event organized by Business Next is now in its eighth year and attracts many vendors despite the continued presence of COVID-19. Some 92 companies have submitted 234 entries. Jeff Lin, Innovation & AI Product Division VP and Pierre Hsia, director of Enterprise Application Product Development Division at TPIsoftware represented the company in receiving the awards.

"The two awards from the Future Commerce Award reinforced our confidence in what we do and signifies that we are on the right track," said TPIsoftware's founder and CEO Ben Yao. As a professional software solution provider, TPIsoftware has recently developed insurtech modular platform as well as enterprise-level BPM solutions. "TPIsoftware will keep up the momentum and demonstrate to the world what Taiwan can do to drive digital transformation," emphasized Yao.

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