CPIC: "CPIC Elite Club" Creates High Quality Services Escorts for Healthy Living

HONG KONG, Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The insurance industry is a "stabiliser" for social development and a "booster" for economic growth. In recent years, China's insurance industry has been growing rapidly. Since 2017 in which China's premium income exceeded that of Japan, China's premium income has been ranking the second place in the global premium market for five consecutive years, making China's insurance industry the mainstay of the world insurance market.

Launching a brand new service business proactively and offering a wide range of gifts and services

China Pacific Life Insurance (H.K.) Company Limited (the "Company";"CPIC Life (HK)"), a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (the "Group";601601.SH; 02601.HK; CPIC.LSE) - a leading insurance enterprise, has recently launched the brand new "CPIC Elite Club" customer service for its clients.

It is understood that the "CPIC Elite Club" is carried out in the form of a membership system that offers a wide range of exclusive gifts and services, such as medical check-up coupons, to each member for better health, wealth and pension planning. Individual policy applicants can apply for the membership of the "CPIC Elite Club" by completing the Company's " CPIC Elite Club - Membership Application Form" at the same time when they purchase insurance policies under an insurance product of CPIC Life (HK); or an existing individual policyholder with one or more policies in force can join the "CPIC Elite Club" to be a member at any time by completing the Company's " CPIC Elite Club - Membership Application Form ".

The groups of the members of "CPIC Elite Club" will be divided into four classes based on the number of the accumulated points earned of the members: Silver Member, Gold Member, Platinum Member and Titanium Member, with each class of members enjoying the benefits and services corresponding to their respective membership classes. For every US$1 of "Total premium payable" (Annual premium payment * Years of payment), a member can receive 1 "CPIC Elite Club" point (the "Point(s)") which can be accumulated if the insurance product of CPIC Life (HK) under which such member purchases an insurance policy is a product which is eligible for earning Points.

Building a sophisticated protection system and exploring new growth points in an in-depth manner

With the continuous improvement in the level of economic and social development and people's living standards, coupled with the disturbance by the COVID-19 pandemic, the people are attaching more importance to the quality and the health and safety of their lives, and their health needs are becoming diverse and differentiated. At the same time, with the gradual acceleration of the ageing process, the quality development of the elderly care business will be a key link to improving people's well-being and enhancing the quality of their lives.

By providing innovative and differentiated solutions to the pain points and needs of contemporary families in the areas of their health and retirement, and by providing an integrated life service solution of "insurance + retirement + health care" for families and the society as a whole, CPIC not only hopes to convey a positive, sunny and healthy attitude towards life to its customers, but also strives to solve their problems for a healthy life.

All along, CPIC has been committed to providing protection for people's good lives. From the launch of the plan for the retirement industry in 2018, to the comprehensive launch of the health strategy in 2020, to the innovative launch of inclusive insurance products represented by the "Huhui Insurance" in 2021, CPIC has achieved a leap from scratch to excellence in the field of social medical protection and health and retirement services. CPIC has expanded the protection of people's health to all areas, striving to provide comprehensive and life-cycle services to the people and building a more sophisticate protection system.

The launch of the "CPIC Elite Club" is expected to meet the urging needs of clients for a healthy and smart retirement life. Certain club members are expected to obtain the options for residence in Pacific Care Home Communities and apply for residence, providing them personalised and life-cycle integrated services. It will help the Group improve the layout of its insurance business and explore new growths area.

In the future, CPIC will continue to be customer-centric and provide more practical, comprehensive and better health, medical care and retirement protection services, continue to build up high-quality service capabilities, and continue to deepen its function and role as a "social stabiliser", with the determination to contribute to the vibrant life and bright future of thousands of families in China.

About China Pacific Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited

China Pacific Life Insurance (H.K.) Company Limited ("CPIC Life (HK)")is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Pacific Life Insurance Company Limited ("CPIC Life") which is a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co.,Ltd. ( "CPIC"). CPIC is one of the top three life insurance companies in China (in terms of total gross premium in 2021). CPIC Life Hong Kong was authorized by the Hong Kong Insurance Regulatory Authority to operate long-term insurance business in Hong Kong on November 18, 2021. It is committed to providing customers with comprehensive life insurance and wealth management products to meet the clients' needs at different stages of life. It aims to become one of Hong Kong life insurance companies with the best client experience.

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