Goh Thian Teck and Bataras Sdn Bhd Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2022 Regional Edition

SINGAPORE, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Enterprise Asia, the organizer of the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2022 Regional Edition, is pleased to recognize 25 exemplary business leaders and enterprises across Asia which excelled and showcased unparalleled resilience and growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Organized annually across 16 countries and markets, the APEA is the most reputable award recognition program recognizing entrepreneurial excellence across Asia. The Awards aim to congregate outstanding business leaders and enterprises across Asia into one unparalleled platform for fostering the continuity of sustainable entrepreneurial growth in Asian economies.

Goh Thian Teck, Director of Bataras Sdn Bhd (Bataras), was honored with the Master Entrepreneur Award by the APEA. Goh Thian Teck successfully revived the first Bataras outlet in Labuan, Malaysia when it was near to closing down, managing to sustain the business and even opening 13 outlets in only a year's time.

Bataras is also among the elite award recipients under the Inspirational Category in the Retail industry. The leading hypermarket and grocery chain in Sabah and Labuan, Malaysia was founded in 1998 with the vision of providing a wide range of groceries at an affordable rate to its patrons.

Throughout the first 10 years, Bataras has opened 13 outlets and expanded to major cities and rural areas in Sabah. The company continues to grow after it acquired 13 outlets from GIANT, GHC Retail (M) Sdn. Bhd in 2018 and 5 outlets from Century Department Store in 2021. The acquisition has had Bataras topping the chart as the fastest-growing retail chain in Sabah. To date, Bataras has 34 hypermarkets and supermarkets in Sabah, and its new concept store – Bataras Marketplace is created to bring more foreign and imported groceries and items into the local market.

In 2022, Bataras extended its business line and opened Bataras Fresh Mart which is designed to provide imported and local fresh produce and live stocks at an affordable rate. Every Bataras outlet's grocery selection and placement are carefully curated to meet the customers' needs from that area. Analysis was done to bring the most required items to the respective stores to meet local demand.

Bataras is currently a proud parent to 35 hypermarkets and superstore outlets in Sabah and Labuan and a home to more than 2,000 staff. The company's revenue had grown to about RM800 million after the acquisition of GIANT in 2019. The company aims to be the direct source of goods and fresh produce imports to keep its selling price affordable to the public.

With the emergence of technology and the readiness of the public in e-commerce, Bataras is in the process of bringing more deals and upgrades via its e-store and making the app a part of the lifestyle with its delivery service.

The company hopes to continue to open more outlets in the coming future. Bataras is also opening its floors for more SMEs and vendors to collaborate, and the company hopes that by providing its platform, it will help SMEs and vendors to grow.

Sharing resources and lending a hand has always been Bataras' practice as the company's CEO, Goh Thian Teck, believes in giving back to society when one is able to, regardless of how little or great the help is. Bataras E-store is also running concurrently to grow alongside its physical store.

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