Jia He Grand and Jia He Chinese Restaurant Celebrates Lunar New Year Festive Feast

Ushering in the Year of the Rabbit with Prosperity and Style

SINGAPORE, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Jia He Chinese Restaurant and the newly opened Jia He Grand at One Farrer Hotel, ushers in the Lunar New Year with prosperity and delightful dishes curated to bring fortune, great abundance, and good health.  With passion and efforts each Lunar New Year menu is created especially for diners to celebrate the reunion with family and friends to business clientele.  Every dish is crafted such that the Jia He Chinese Restaurant and Jia He Grand Lunar New Year Menus from Dining Menus, Takeaway Menus, to the Lunar New Year Goodies would ensure that the Chinese culinary gourmand would be satisfied.

Feast with Jia He Restaurant CNY Set Menu starting from $1,088++ for 10 persons to Lunar New Year Set Menus for minimum 2 persons, available from $108++ per person.

CNY Takeaway and Delivery Menus from Jia He Chinese Restaurant is available from $298+ to $688+ for 5 to 6 persons.

It is known that dining and eating auspicious Lunar New Year foods, would increase the blessings of wealth and success. These are some of the Jia He Chinese Restaurant and Jia He Grand Lunar New Year signatures that would bring abundance for one's Lunar New Year dining such as:

泡椒青花椒本地龙虾 Wok-fried Baby Lobster with Green Peppercorn
发财4头鲍鱼时蔬伴云吞鹅肝Braised 4-Head Abalone with Seasonal Vegetable served with Crisp-fried Foie Gras Wanton
原只澳龙刺生三文鱼捞生Fresh Whole Australian Lobster Sashimi with Salmon Yu Sheng
橙香焗鲈鱼扒Baked Sea Perch with Orange-Yuzu Compote
日本带子松露蟹肉蛋白炒奶酿豆袋 Sautéed Stuffed Japanese Scallop with Truffle, Crab Meat in Beancurd Pouch, Scramble Egg White with Milk
红烧3头鲍伴甜菜根意大利饭 Braised 3-Head Abalone with Beetroot Risotto
日式酱焗本地龙虾Wok-Baked Local Lobster in Teriyaki Sauce
港式腊味煲香米饭Traditional Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausage and Preserved Meats
南乳烧猪 (半只)Roasted Suckling Pig with Fermented Bean Paste (Half)*
椰盅杏仁蛋白燕窝Double-boiled Almond Cream with Bird's Nest and Egg White in Young Coconut

Both restaurants will be serving the same Jia He Lunar New Year menus during the 15 days prior to Chinese New Year, starting from 7 January 2023 to Reunion Day, ie Eve of Chinese New Year on 21 Jan 2023, and the 15 days of Lunar New Year starting on 22 January 2023 (Sunday).

A pre-deposit is required on certain days during Chinese New Year, be sure to secure the reservations early.  For details of the menus, please find at https://jiahe.com.sg

For the Chinese New Year Goodies, the Yusheng is a must, look forward to the Pencai and Roast Meats available from Jia He Chinese Restaurant for Takeaway and Delivery:

Orders from Lunar New Year Goodies menu such as Smoked Salmon with Walnut Yu Sheng 琥珀烟熏三文鱼鱼生  is at $88+ for Large and $68+ for Small.

Another delightful Yu Sheng is Smoked Salmon with Edible Flower and Jackfruit YuSheng 五彩缤纷烟熏三文鱼,波罗蜜鱼生 at $98+ for Large and $68+ for Small. An ideal selection would be the Baby Abalone Yusheng 鲍鱼仔鱼生 at $118+ for Large and $98+ for Small. The CNY Goodies 嘉和福满门庭春节 for Takeaway and Delivery are available from 26 Dec 2022 to 5 Feb 2023.  Last order for Local Delivery is on 19 January 2023. Early Bird Discount of 10% is available from 26 Dec 2022 to 15 Jan 2023.

One would be able to feast and have their treasures and wealth with the prosperous Jia He Mini Treasure Pencai 嘉和迷你福临门盆菜 (For 6 Persons) consisting of the 8-Head Abalone, Live Prawn, Fresh Scallop, Dried Oyster, Roasted Sliced Duck, Braised Pork Belly, Sea Cucumber, Yam, Mushroom, Tientsin Cabbage, Radish and Cloud Fungus 8头鲍鱼,生虾,带子,蚝士,烧鸭件,五花肉,海参,芋头,冬菇,津白,白萝卜,云耳 at $311.04 Nett inclusive of GST. Upscale in abundance with the Jia He Treasure Pen Cai 嘉和福临门盆菜 (For 10 Persons) at $451.44 Nett inclusive of GST.

Alternatively give the delicious Jia He Premium Abalone Pen Cai 嘉和豪华鲍鱼盆菜 (For 10 Persons) consisting of 5-Head Abalone and more at $645.84 Nett inclusive of GST.

Jia He is popular for the Roast Meats 烧腊, 饭, 米粉, diners could find for takeaway/delivery the Roasted Golden Suckling Pig Whole 当鸿乳猪 at $419.04 Nett inclusive of GST, Roasted Crispy Duck 明炉烧鸭 (Half at $51.84 Nett and Whole at $84.24 Nett) and Roasted London Duck 伦敦烤鸭 (Half at $62.64 Nett and Whole at $105.84 Nett).

There is *Free Delivery for orders above $250 to one address. The minimum order is $200 for delivery service to be available. The delivery fee on CNY Eve, CNY Day 1 & 2 is $38 per address. CNY Day 3 to CNY Day 15, the delivery service is at $25.

Visit Jia He Chinese Restaurant eShop at https://shop.jiahe.com.sg for Takeaway & Delivery Menus to Lunar New Year Goodies from 26 Dec 2022.


Jia He Chinese Restaurant @ Connexion 嘉和餐馆
For Reservations, please contact 6694 8988 / 6694 9466
Email : enquiries@jiahe.com.sg

Jia He Chinese Restaurant
1 Farrer Park Station Road, #01-14/15/16 Connexion, Singapore 217562

Jia He Grand @ One Farrer Hotel 嘉和Grand
For Reservations, please contact 6538 9688 / 6538 2788
Email : jiahegrand@jiahe.com.sg

Jia He Grand Chinese Restaurant
One Farrer Hotel, Level 1
1 Farrer Park Station Rd, Singapore 217562

Jia He Restaurant
For enquiries, please WhatsApp at 9067 0828 / 8870 8988

About Jia He Grand

Jia He Grand opened in November 2022, featuring time-honoured Chinese delicacies to bold, contemporary and multi-sensorial creations, Jia He Grand Chinese Restaurant menu embraces the best of both worlds - one that is of tradition and another of modernity. Taking inspiration from provinces in China, Guangdong, Hong Kong to the popular seafood dishes rooted in Southeast Asia and more, Jia He Grand Chinese Restaurant brings you a wide repertoire of cuisines and styles with a harmonious blend of flavours and creativity to ensure appetites are satisfied, and that your dining moments are unforgettable.

Together, Jia He Grand Chinese Restaurant invites you to take delight in the Jia He experience - one that is marked by culinary mastery and artistry, and providing an exemplary service that both families and business associates will enjoy.

About Jia He Chinese Restaurant

Harmony begets prosperity. At the heart of Jia He lies this fundamental principle that transpired from the Chinese idiom "家和万事兴" (Jia He Wan Shi Xing). Rooted in this belief, the owners found "Jia He" to be a befitting name that will also guide in their culinary philosophy.

The Jia He Chinese Restaurant culinary team includes two masterchefs: one who helms

Jia He's main kitchen with his experience of over 20 years at reputable hotel dining establishments, and another, a young, promising and innovative masterchef specialising in dim sum. In the founding team is also a Front-of-House service captain who has had 15 years managing F&B operations including presenting and bringing forth the F&B brands at exemplary high-level events attended by senior officials to international celebrities. The team at Jia He Chinese Restaurant Group would ensure top notch service at Jia He.

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