TusStar Malaysia CEO Ravenna Chen was awarded the 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese POWER 100 - New Business Leader

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TusStar Malaysia CEO Ravenna Chen was awarded "36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding POWER 100 - New Business Leader".

TusStar Malaysia CEO Ravenna Chen was awarded the 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese POWER 100 - New Business Leader

TusStar Malaysia CEO Ravenna Chen

Along with Ravenna Chen, the list included the founder of Sea Ltd., Forrest Li; the founder and CEO of Grab, Anthony Tan; the founder and CEO of Anker, Steven Yang, the founder of J&T Express, Jet Li; the founder and CEO of Agora, Tony and the CEO of Tiktok, Shouzi Chew as the representatives of enterprise leaders; the founder of Himalaya Partners, Li Lu and the founder of Cyanhill Capital, Zhang Ye as the representative of outstanding investors; the co-founder and CTO of MiRXES, National University of Singapore Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering of MIT Alliance, Dr. Zou Ruiyang, the assistant professor of Harvard Medical School and Deng Hao as the representative of scientific research leaders; the CEO Fantuan, Randy Wu, the vice president of Amazon-Audible Li Bolong and the senior scientist of NVIDIA (Silicon Valley), Yin Hongxu as the representative of new business leaders.

This event recruits candidates through open registration and institutional recommendation. There are four sub-categories, namely "Enterprise Leader [Driver]", "Outstanding Investor [Insight]", "Scientific Research Leader [Creativity]", "U36 New Business Leader [Growth Power]", hoping to more comprehensively and extensively demonstrate the outstanding performance of Chinese in the fields of business and culture.

George Bernard Shaw once said: some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not.

A group of them constantly use their own unique thinking to create brand-new business models, open up new worlds abroad, and finally succeed in gaining a foothold in the huge and unfamiliar overseas market with their own efforts, and also serve as a guide for latecomers. They have opened up a viable path and built a bridge to the international world, so they are more like "enterprise leaders".

There is another group of people who may be latecomers in the market and have not created a large-scale enterprise today, but their potential is beyond doubt. As the market ecology continues to improve and the market scale continues to expand, they may be in the near future. In the future, they will become a force to be reckoned with, walking side by side with the giants, they are the "new leaders of the business world".

The companies and institutions they represent have achieved remarkable results in terms of innovation, product power, management power, and influence, and they have also made outstanding achievements in social influence, social responsibility and contribution, and international cultural communication. More importantly, they use their unique life history to reveal the possibility and multiple ways of realising "globalisation".

Ravenna Chen is currently the CEO of TusStar Malaysia, the COO of TusStar Singapore, the deputy general manager of TusCBEC, and the director of Global Relations of TusStar (Asia-Pacific), leading the team in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other technologies going overseas and cross-border incubation business.

Ravenna Chen is also experienced in incubating science and technology innovation projects, cross-border business landing and strategic planning, assisting in resource docking and investment and financing. So far, she has assisted hundreds of science and technology innovation companies in cross-border incubation and landing.

In the Asian youth venture capital circle, Ravenna Chen has served as an outstanding youth representative from China and Malaysia many times to participate in the United Nations Conference, the European Youth Conference, the ASEAN Youth Summit, the Science and Technology Innovation Forum and other activities. She has also served as a speaker and judge for many events, and has been active in the ASEAN technology venture capital circle all year round.

Ravenna Chen stated that entrepreneurship is to obtain benefits from value while creating value for society. Entrepreneurship cannot be based on individual subjectivity, but is determined by the world or the market. She cautions that once you start a business, don't take success for granted.

She added that starting a business is a one-plank bridge. Many entrepreneurs invest a large sum of money before doing market research, and the probability of failure will be very high. She advises to do a comprehensive assessment before starting a business, and to have a considerable degree of familiarity with the field you are about to invest in, so that you can know the shortcomings of this field, the loopholes in the industry and predict the future market trend.

Ravenna Chen has also been honoured as one of the 100 outstanding Chinese youths in the world by the Dragon Fund, the EU-China Friendship Youth Ambassador, and the Malaysian Chinese Students Association of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia. She has served the entrepreneurial industries in Malaysia, China and many countries.

As the largest science and technology incubator in China, TusStar actively responds to the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. TusStar Malaysia, led by Ravenna Chen has been the first overseas base in Southeast Asia in the past few years. Even in the pandemic phase, she still actively promotes the connection and cooperation between China and ASEAN and the entire Asia-Pacific region, relying on China and the Asia-Pacific region. The existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms in many countries jointly create a community of interests, a community of destiny, and a community of responsibility for China and Malaysia in the field of science and technology innovation with political mutual trust, economic integration, and cultural tolerance.

Ravenna Chen led TusStar Malaysia during the pandemic period and brought Malaysian enterprises to the China Import Expo twice, and launched a series of activities such as Go China, Go ASEAN China-ASEAN Science and Technology Innovation Summit and GO RCEP Regional Comprehensive Overseas projects such as Science and Technology Incubation and Technology Empowerment Summit Series under the Economic Partnership Agreement have radiated thousands of technology entrepreneurs and workers, promoted the transformation and implementation of scientific and technological achievements, and led outstanding enterprises to go overseas.

Ravenna Chen has lived in Malaysia all year round. She also served as a tourism ambassador for Malaysia and Indonesia, and co-founded a cross-border payment software and a social beauty platform.


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