BTMIN Knowledge Lecture: How to Protect Rights and Interests after Joining a Franchise

SINGAPORE, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Many franchisees did not carefully read the contract content provided by the head office when joining. They signed an agreement and paid money in a muddle. Only when problems arose did they find that what they had promised was far different from the actual terms of the contract. Is it difficult to protect their own rights and interests? BTMIN Lecture will show you how to defend rights and interests.

1. Sign the contract remotely, and there is no paper signed contract or receipt for filing; The franchise fee is remitted to a private account, not the head office.

In this case, don't think it is impossible to sue. As long as all the discussion and communication information in the franchise process are sorted out, such as contracts, receipts, conversation records, telephone recordings, etc., and there is evidence to prove the fact of franchise and payment, there is a chance to protect rights and interests.

2. The franchise contract clearly stipulates the "Overlord Clause": it is agreed that the head office will not refund under any circumstances.

Franchisees don't need to worry that the "overlord clause" will affect their own rights and interests because it is a clause unilaterally drafted by the head office. However, as long as it damages the legitimate rights and interests of the franchisees, it will often be recognized as invalid by the court.

3. The franchise contract stipulates that if the franchisee unilaterally terminates the contract, it shall bear a high amount of liquidated damages.

When the franchisee wants to terminate the franchise relationship, the head office usually requires the franchise store to dismantle the signboard and confirm whether there is any outstanding loan. If it is successful, the franchisee can withdraw the deposit, but not every franchisee can do so smoothly. Therefore, if there are unreasonable matters in the contract, please seek judicial decision.

Based on the above analysis, we found that we were deceived after joining, collected complete and effective evidence as soon as possible, and requested legal assistance to defend our own rights and interests and reduce losses. Follow the BTMIN lecture hall to learn more!

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