Tourism Authority Of Thailand Awarded at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2022 for 'Leader in Opening the Phuket Sandbox for Foreign Tourists' under Social Empowerment Category

SINGAPORE, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2022 is pleased to honor 72 exemplary award recipients for championing ESG to build a resilient world and a sustainable future for all.

The AREA is the most prominent CSR recognition program across Asia initiated by the region's leading NGO, Enterprise Asia. The award recipients were selected through a stringent judging process which is based on the 3 criterions of effectiveness and reach, relevance, and sustainability.

Tourism Authority Of Thailand's Award-Winning CSR Initiative

The Tourism Authority Of Thailand's (TAT) vision is "to be a leader in promoting Thailand as a sustainable and preferred destination for tourism". Its strategic objectives include expanding the balanced market base of quality tourists, increasing the volume of tourists' expenditure on tourism experiences, creating confidence in the value of the Thailand Brand to be different and impressive, and developing TAT to become a High-Performance Organization. Its 'Leader in Opening the Phuket Sandbox for Foreign Tourists' program received the award under the Social Empowerment category.

Due to the pandemic's impact on the export industry sector of countries, tourism marketing promotion agency Tourism Authority Of Thailand was quick to take action and lead the revival of Thailand's tourism, which is the primary income generated from the service sector of the country.

TAT has been a leader in the industry by driving the economy's reopening model called the 'Phuket Sandbox' which is the first model for reopening the country to welcome foreign tourists while complying with the government's economic recovery policy. Thailand is also the first country in ASEAN to reopen. There are systems and measures by the Ministry of Public Health to provide strict protection to ensure that the Thai people have confidence in their safety. Simultaneously, it is considered the beginning of pushing the economy by the tourism sector, which will be a tool to revitalize Thailand's tourism.

TAT forecasts to reopen the country to welcome foreign tourists from 1 November 2021 to revive the economy and tourism and restore the economy. There will be at least 1 million foreign tourists and THB2 trillion in income resulting in the condition of no quarantine measures. From January to December 2021, the number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand was 427,869 people, which was a 93.62% change Y-O-Y. The number of Thai tourists traveling to Thailand was 53.03 million/time, which was a 41.44% change Y-O-Y. The revenue for 2021 was THB2.16 billion, which was a 55.15% change Y-O-Y.

The Phuket Sandbox project is ready to expand other tourism guidelines, especially medical tourism, promoting Thailand as an international medical hub in the future. According to the Thai government, success continues to be the hosting of a special edition of the specialized Expo in 2028 under the name of the event "Expo 2028 - Phuket, Thailand". The expo will develop Phuket as a tourist city with world-class healthcare through a comprehensive international medical and public health service center new initiative, TOURISM AUTHORITY OF THAILAND, which was an innovation created by having SHA+ standard which is a standard initiated by TAT.

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