Pay-as-you-go online faxing platform takes the hassle out of hunting down a physical fax machine.

Faxaroo has officially launched its pay-as-you-go online faxing platform in the United States, designed for one-off fax senders.

SALT LAKE CITY, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Faxaroo has been working towards expanding its service offering across the globe, bringing a convenient online alternative to traditional faxing methods. A pay-per-use faxing platform built to send faxes securely online from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. Send a fax now:

There are many instances where individuals still need to send documents via fax and don't own a fax machine or simply have a hard time finding their nearest location offering fax services.

"Many businesses including financial institutions still require you to send them documents via fax, especially those that contain sensitive information such as loan applications." explained Bradley Davis, CEO at Faxaroo.

"Due to the nature of the information contained in these documents, fax is the preferred method of transmission because of its strict security protocols to protect data privacy."

"Email, on the other hand, is easy to hack, easy to intercept and easy to trick users into clicking links that can cause major damage to your email account and personal files." Said Rodan D'Rozario, Chief Technology Officer at Faxaroo.

Not only is Faxaroo a more secure way of sending confidential documents, but it also makes sending a fax online easy, by removing the barriers of having to create an account or sign-up for a monthly subscription.

Faxaroo brings a fresh face to an antiquated era of technology, making it an accessible and simple to use online process for any type of user." Said Mr. Davis.

Faxaroo allows for fax sending to fax numbers globally across the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan and Canada and more.

About Faxaroo

Faxaroo is an Australian-based pay-as-you-go online faxing company providing individuals with a fast, cost-effective and hassle-free way to send a fax online with no subscriptions or sign-ups. Simply upload the documents you'd like to send, enter the fax number and pay only for the pages you send. Learn more at:

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