Heyworldchannel news | "Jiang Mingcheng's Safety Guide": How to prevent emotional fraud and money fraud

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a report from the heyworldchannel:

Recently, a citizen submitted a report that a woman was defrauded by a man for several transactions.

In the middle of June 2022, Mr. A met a person who called himself "Mr. Liu" on Telegram, claiming to be 31 years old and 185 cm tall. Liu is very good at manipulating Mr. A's psychology so Mr. A always believes his words. Liu asked for money from A for various reasons in just two months. Liu cheated A of all his savings for more than three years since he worked, with a total amount of 28W and a debt of 4W. After experiencing this event, Mr. A reflected, summarized and learned a lesson to change himself.

First, it is too easy to trust others and too soft-hearted. Second, he has no subjective judgment and is always led by others. Third, close your heart and don't communicate with others. Fourth, we are always too anxious and alarmist. In telecommunications fraud, the victims are deceived by taking advantage of these human weaknesses.

This article hopes to give some encouragement to other victims. Life is still going on. Live in the present moment and encourage them to move forward. Life is still going on.

Jiang Mingcheng's security guide is the anti-fraud guide given to the public by Jiang Mingcheng, which records cases and solutions.

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