The Best Design Winners for the 2022 Golden Pin Design Award Announced! The residential design "Dog / Human" by Thai-based EKAR Architects receives the top honor

TAIPEI, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Award Ceremony for the Golden Pin Design Award––a benchmark award in the Asian design community––was held on December 2 in Taipei. The winners of the Best Design for the Year were revealed at the ceremony. This year, the Award received 2,765 entries in total from 17 countries/regions around the globe, from which 34 Best Design winners and two Special Annual Award winners of the Golden Pin Design Award were selected. The winners include designs hailing from Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, and Thailand. One of the Best Design winners was the Dog / Human house, a novel residential design developed by EKAR Architects in Thailand to create a friendly space for humans and pets to live side-by-side.

The Best Design Winners for the 2022 Golden Pin Design Award Announced! The residential design "Dog / Human" by Thai-based EKAR Architects receives the top honor

The residential design “Dog / Human” by Thai-based EKAR Architects awarded as the Best of Golden Pin Design Award 2022.

With more than 40 years of history, the Golden Pin Design Award founded in Taiwan has continued to provide high quality design certifications for markets, industries, and society, and serves as a benchmark of design excellence that is not to be missed by aspiring designers and industry practitioners in Asia. Every year, the Golden Pin Design Award has attracted design talent from across the globe since its 2014 transition to the international stage and continuously expanded the global scope and scale of the competition. German industrial design master Werner Aisslinger, who served as a juror in the final judging round this year, was amazed by the level of professionalism, smoothness, and democracy in the selection process, as well as by the scale of the award and the high standard of the entries. Renowned Thai graphic designer and design educator Tnop Wangsillapakun was invited to serve as a juror in last year and this year's secondary review of the communication design category; he was extremely surprised by the diversity and high quality of the entries but was nevertheless delighted to see the excellent designs from all across Asia at the Golden Pin Design Award.

One of the Best Design winners was the Dog / Human design, a private residential design created by Thailand-based EKAR Architects. The Dog / Human House is a response to the love of dog owners for their furry friends and their desire to live with them. The details have been thoughtfully designed by the design team to include an open corridor, an easy-to-clean column base designed to fit a dog's shape when they sleep, and a swimming pool with steps that make it easier for dogs to climb out of the pool. The space is meticulously planned to demonstrate a respect for life. The judging panel commented that this design is derived from the perspectives of humans and pets, using ingenuous design elements to achieve maximum versatility as well as converged and elegant spatial vocabularies. The design warrants encouragement as it considers a harmonious relationship with the local culture and surrounding environment and proposes a friendly yet feasible housing scheme for imagining a life in which humans and pets live side-by-side.

This year, Thai designs have performed outstandingly. Eleven designs received the Golden Pin Design Award 2022 Design Mark, including PARALLEL COLLECTION by Deesawat, MEL Chair by SARUNPHON BOONTO, a new startup furniture design company, and Strata Pot, Dominocean, and Strata Wall Panel created by a team of designers from New Arriva Co., Ltd. who are committed to environmental sustainability, and one design won the highest honor the Best Design Award.

Visit the official website for a full list of the Golden Pin Design Award 2022 Best Design winners.

Source: Taiwan Design Research Institute
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