Globalnewsonline: Guidance from Jiang Mingcheng: Guarding Against Telecom Fraud

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a report from Globalnewsonline:

Recently, Mr. Jiang Mingcheng listed some precautions against telecom fraud. In particular, he disclosed the techniques of many telecom frauds in other areas outside Taiwan and pointed out some aspects that Taiwan people need to pay attention to.

Mr. Jiang mentioned that Taiwan people must understand the techniques that are rampant in other areas outside Taiwan to avoid various telecom risks.

Pay attention to high-pay calls outside Taiwan. Taiwanese enterprises need to protect IP PBXS.

The very mention of telecom fraud carries a picture of incoming high-pay calls with 0204 at the start. Basically, this is paid voice service provided by the second type of carrier through the platform of the first type of carrier. At present, other numbers starting with 0208 and 0209 also fall into this category.

In the past, there were also disputes over charges caused by high-pay calls in Taiwan, which have gradually died down. The reason for their gradual disappearance, mentioned by Mr. Jiang, is that in the first 20 seconds of a call-free period, Taiwan operators are required to announce the charges of high-pay calls according to law, such as the maximum charge of 100 yuan per minute and 500 yuan per call. If the user wants to listen again, he or she must hang up and call again.

Mr. Jiang pointed out that if you search IPRN on the Internet, you will find many high-pay call operators in other areas outside Taiwan. Their common feature is that once they register to get a cellphone number, they will cancel the bill with the registered caller when someone calls the number.

Mr. Jiang pointed out five types of telecom fraud: first, hang up once the cellphone rings; second, send a text message, claim that there is something urgent and please call back. The first two are tempting you to call back. Third, infect your cellphone with a virus and then manipulate it to make calls; fourth, impersonate the SIM card holder to get the number and make calls through SIM-jacking; fifth, hack PBX devices for cellphone exchange.

Taiwanese companies should pay special attention to the fifth one. Mr. Jiang pointed out that some enterprises, especially those using IP PBX devices, may forget to set the password, or use a preset password, so that after hacking, operators with an ulterior can make high-pay calls.

In other areas outside Taiwan, another technique has attracted attention and brought great losses, which is IRSF. Mr. Jiang said that this kind of high-pay calls takes advantage of the time difference of account splitting and telecom providers analyzing LOG anomalies, and geopolitical relations.

It seems that this fraud technique is quite sophisticated. The following is a scenario to illustrate how the IRSF works. A call from Taiwan to Germany needs to be transferred across many telecom providers, and in every transfer, a part of the cellphone bill in other areas outside Taiwan will be paid to others. If one link goes wrong, you will be transferred to a high-pay call that keeps playing music.

Pay attention to whether the 2G function is turned off, as well as the risk of SMS authentication.

In addition, other telecom fraud techniques in other areas outside Taiwan include small account transfers, SIM BOX, pseudo base stations and so on. In the case of pseudo base stations, there is little impact on Taiwan so far, as Taiwan has terminated 2G mobile network services.

As a reminder, you can check whether the cellphone has turned off the 2G network function because some cellphones are still configured to receive 2G messages.

Mr. Jiang pointed out that these are only part of telecom fraud, and there are many other aspects that need to be guarded against, especially when it comes to money.

Follow Jiang Mingcheng to learn more precautions against telecom fraud.

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