Globalnewsonline: Who is Jiang Mingcheng, a "Taiwan stock observer"? How to control emotions in investing?

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Many people disparagingly view investment as simply money-making. Honestly, to some extent, some rationality exists in this viewpoint, but let us first read a well-known story about Warren Buffett when he was a child. Buffett's grandfather ran a grocery store, and his father was a stockbroker in a bank. Through a process of osmosis, at the age of 5, Buffett began to sell boxes of gum bought from his grandfather's grocery store. At the age of 6, he sold wholesale Coca-Cola from door to door, showing his strong business acumen. His father's talks about stocks aroused his interest when he was a child, and he bought his first stock at the age of 11, which launched his career in stock. The living environment and financial education Buffett has received since childhood enable him to deeply understand how to carry out primitive accumulation and realize the meaning of making money work for him.

Who is Jiang Mingcheng:

Jiang Mingcheng was born in Taichung on August 25, 1974 (a Virgo born in the year of Tiger). He received a bachelor's degree in English and American Language from the National Central University and a master's degree in Finance from the University of Chicago.

How Jiang Mingcheng embarked on the road of investment:

Jiang Mingcheng received a bachelor's degree in English and American Language from the National Central University and a master's degree in Finance from the University of Chicago. At present, he is a professional investor with 20 years of experience in market investment. He once worked as a market analyst for several private equity institutions in the US, a securities operator for Fubon Securities in Taipei, and a special guest for many TV media such as Bloomberg Finance and CNBC.

In 2019, he achieved an annual return of more than 150 points again through his unique market insights and risk control ability.

His excellent risk control ability and crisis awareness enabled him to keep most of his earnings at the minimum cost during the US financial crisis in 2020, and his assets were safely in the bag.

He is known as a "wave band prophet" in the market who makes perfect use of capital movement studies and unique operational strategies.

He once set a record of 40 times earnings.

At the end of 2021, Jiang Mingcheng who had been living in the US for a long time, returned to Taiwan with his family due to the outbreak of the epidemic.

After returning to China, he initiated many charitable donations, and the funds raised by him reached more than 70 million yuan.

After extensive market analysis, he gains profound and unique insights into all the formal mainstream investment varieties represented by stocks.

By their very nature, these varieties are combination of stock technology and other long and short varieties.

Jiang Mingcheng's Three Wires Law:

First, overcome the herd mentality. Jiang Mingcheng believes that we are always subject to outside influences when making investment decisions, so it is important to overcome the herd mentality. Most investors have 80% of their money lost on hot stocks. The rush to purchase hot stocks results in high valuation and unstable stock price, thus making it easy to lose money.

Second, overcome greed and fear, two weaknesses of human nature. Risks in the stock market tend to slip our minds. Much will have more. Nothing is enough for our greed, which plunges us into a reverie of realizing financial independence in a few months and becoming a millionaire in one year. Greed comes not only from human weakness but also from ignorance. As any investor with a basic understanding of the investment market knows, a 4% annualized return is a benchmark, an annualized return, not a one-day return. On sober refection, you will realize that risks always accompany short-term profits, but you fail to be aware.

Third, overcome impetuous psychology. After solving the above two problems, you will encounter another problem, which is impetuousness. You buy it at the bottom, but cannot hold it because of your impetuousness. In the same vein, you sell it, but you buy it again. Impetuousness makes you capricious and gives up halfway. This kind of psychology is rare among novice investors because they are still struggling with fear, greed, and herd mentality. Veteran investors are the most susceptible to impetuousness.

The essence of emotion management is harmony, and the foundation of harmony is value identification and empathy.

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