Taiwan Plastics Industry Association Promotes Digital Transformation and Net-zero Emissions for Higher Value and ESG Goals

TAIPEI, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Taiwan Plastics Industry Association recently held it 20th Second General meeting, at which Chairman Benker Liao emphasized the association's efforts in promoting the upgrading and transformation of the plastic industry and in taking the lead in assisting companies across the sector to take advantage of high-value market opportunities amid the rapid changes taking place in both the island's and the world's economies.

The plastics industry, the third most important manufacturing industry in Taiwan, is moving towards high-performance biological decomposition, biomedical polymer materials, nano composite materials, environmentally friendly plastics, high functional materials and other materials with high added value. For example, SOUTH PLASTIC INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.  adds bioconversion additives to its plastic formula to make new biodegradable plastics.

Plastic film produced by TFU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. uses special plastic particles and lightweight foam products to reduce the environmental load, while the Uplus launched - TheOne Solar Film, which has obtained patent certifications from 46 countries and regions. According to statistics, Uplus can effectively improve energy use efficiency by more than 18%. T.E PACKAGING & GIFT MFG. INC. invests in the development of organic carbon film bags to create recycled zipper bags made of environmental-friendly packaging materials, while FRANK & ASSOCIATES PLASTIC CO., LTD. (FAP) produces both UV-resistant all-weather and halogen-free easy-tear materials to reduce marine and environmental pollution.

Given the evolving international situation, the association actively assists members in upgrading technologies. To cite an example, TOFORD PLASTIC MANUFACTURING CORP., a business with a 40 year history, undertook a digital transformation that allowed them to produce PVC hoses at a quality level that otherwise would not have been possible, while PINKBRAND CO., LTD. adapted its unique patented mold design to make a rare two-color chain, which can be molded in a single process, regardless of the length and without the need for manual intervention such as the splicing of conventional plastic chains into strings. LONG TEAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has upgraded all of its technical and digital processes in a move to meet Industry 4.0 specifications, providing a good example of digital transformation for the plastic mold manufacturing industry.

The Taiwan Plastics Industry Association has taken the lead in driving the integration of academic and research in a move to develop key technologies.

Source: Taiwan Plastics Industry Association
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