USIF Impressive Track Record in the EB-5 Industry & Backed by Superior Project History

JUPITER, Fla., May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As Regional Centers across America work to become re-designated under the new I-956 requirements and re-strategize after two years of COVID and the Updates to the Regional Center Program Rules, existing and new investors are faced with choosing a prestigious and accomplished Regional Center. U.S. Immigration Fund's (USIF) EB-5 projects have collectively assisted over 5,000 EB-5 investors and their families in their participation in the program.  As a result of this large group of investors, USIF was able to raise and deploy over $2.9 billion into real-estate projects throughout the U.S.

USIF Impressive Track Record in the EB-5 Industry & Backed by Superior Project History

EB-5 Industry Leaders USIF Regional Center

For more than a decade, USIF has introduced EB-5 to the global market and has become one of the market leaders. "Led by Nick and Nicholas Mastroianni, USIF has set a high bar for investment standards and best practices. They have also been a major thought-leader and pioneer for the re-deployment process", commented former Congressman Ron Klein, counsel to USIF. "USIF has demonstrated throughout the years its role in educating and bringing investors and their families to secure reliable EB-5 opportunities in the U.S.," he concluded. Now that the program is reauthorized and updated, new investment opportunities are once again available through USIF.

"Our team at USIF has spent over a decade navigating and leading the EB-5 program. We have been challenged by the uncertainty COVID caused and the government shutdown of the EB-5 program last year. We have also worked tirelessly with leaders in the EB-5 industry to improve and reauthorize the EB-5 program with the implementation of the new and favorable program requirements," reflected Nick Mastroianni, II, Chairman of U.S. Immigration Fund. "Our investors are always at the heart of our efforts, and we are honored to have played a role in getting the EB-5 program up and running again". To date, USIF has $2.9 billion in deployed capital, over 4,500 I-526 approvals, over 750 I-829 approvals, and over 4,300 green cards issued.

Nicholas Mastroianni II, President of USIF commented that "we know our existing and new investors and their families can feel confident with our superior project history and years of refined expertise and experience. Our team has a track record of funding 25-large scale real estate projects in various markets contributing to over $14 billion in economic development. Additionally, our team works closely with major financial institutions, including J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo, in addition to local and state agencies to close and offer excellent project opportunities to our investors," he concluded.

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USIF is comprised of a team of industry experts with 50+ years of collective real-estate development, finance, banking, and legal experience. Our team has been touted for successfully raising large-scale funds and being instrumental to the success of some of the most recognizable investment projects across the globe. USIF became "the first" regional center to be recognized by 18 major financial institutions including J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo & BlackRock. To get in touch with our team, please reach out to us at


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