DiFluid Brings a New Wave of Coffee Through Coffee Data

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Coffee consistency is the name of the game with the newly launched DiFluid R2 Extract a coffee concentration meter (refractometer), Microbalance, a precision smart coffee scale, and DiFluid Café, the app that ties it all together which just launched on the DiFluid Official Website. Their Brew Control System helps you consistently brew a quality cup of coffee that matches your preferences.

Whether you make your coffee with a drip machine, a pour-over vessel, or a pitcher for cold brew, there is one thing that all coffee drinkers can agree on: brewing it well is a coveted skill, and brewing it poorly can result in some quite undesirable flavors.

That perfect cup of coffee is often elusive to home brewers. There are so many variables - type of bean, temperature of the water, length of brew - that can change the flavor outcome, resulting in an experience that can't compare to the consistent quality of a barista's cup. Sometimes even a professional barista can have issues with consistency.

What is included in the system?

  • R2 Extract - a professional-grade refractometer that detects how much coffee has been dissolved into the water and gives a readout.
  • Microbalance - a precision smart scale that records and transmits your data to the companion app.
  • DiFluid Café - a collaborative community that brings together coffee lovers, techniques, and recipes: ones that fit your exact taste preferences using your exact beans.

DiFluid Brings a New Wave of Coffee Through Coffee Data

DiFluid Brew Control System

How does it work?

DiFluid Café

While the first iteration of the app is designed as an extension of the smart tools, future versions will allow you to sign into your own account and search for recipes that match your beans and brewing preferences. Do you use Stumptown coffee and prefer a pour-over? There's a recipe for that. Did you make some improvements? You'll easily be able to share it with the Café community, get feedback, and track the results of other users. Using information from Microbalance, DiFluid Café determines how well your coffee was brewed, and whether you stayed true to the recipe. Not a perfect outcome? Learn what needs to be adjusted to get the taste you are looking for. Can't figure it out? Need help? Ask questions in DiFluid Café. Get suggestions, be inspired, make comments. We're all coffee lovers here.


Coffee scales have been around for a long time, but Microbalance just upped the anti. Its level of precision and accuracy is usually only seen in large pan-scales used for trade. It boasts 0.1 gram resolution and flow rate tracking, while automatically transmitting your results to DiFluid Café. There's no need to enter the information manually.

R2 Extract

The real magic is in the highly engineered refractometer. R2 Extract allows users to test the precise concentration of coffee dissolved into their cup. This advanced piece of technology uses a 2D CMOS image sensor which avoids misalignment and increases durability when compared to old CCD based refractometers. It also has duo temperature sensors which reduce interference from the environment. These sensors must be kept in good condition and scratch free in order to provide accurate readings. This might be an issue with other refractometers especially if the user wipes the lens after every use. DiFluid solved that problem with the application of a Nano-Scale Hydrophobic Layer which prevents liquid from remaining on the sensor. R2 Extract is also IP67 water resistant, allowing you to rinse it under running water for easy cleaning.

Whether you're a barista looking to maximize consistency day to day, or a home brewer looking to brew the best possible coffee at home, DiFluid Brew Control System is here to help! Available now at www.digitizefluid.com.

About DiFluid:

DiFluid is a technology company founded by Linus Peng in Shenzhen, China. His fascination with the idea of liquid digitization lead to the development of his line of refractometers. As the general public find more and more uses for what used to be laboratory equipment, DiFluid has kept up providing more and more tools to help keep up with demand. Learn more about DiFluid at www.digitizefluid.com

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