Ding Shine Foods Targets US Bubble Tea Market With Home Preparation Products & OEM Services

HSINCHU, Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ding Shine Food International Corp. (Ding Shine Food), a leading Taiwanese instant boba milk tea company, is set to revolutionize the way US consumers enjoy bubble tea products with easy-to-make solutions.

With the global bubble tea market size projected to hit $3.39 billion by 2027, and the US market estimated to reach $77.89 million in 2027, Ding Shine Food is well poised to make a splash with its wide range of products as well as the OEM services it can provide to potential partners.

The company is actively seeking partners in areas of international import as well as commerce, including chain stores and supermarkets, to reach US consumers that will benefit from having the option to enjoy bubble tea right at home.

Homemade Deliciousness

A key part of that strategy is Ding Shine Food's wide range of pearl milk tea products, all conveniently designed for consumers to enjoy whenever and wherever with little preparation required. Instead of lining up in long queues, consumers can create and enjoy these boba-centered products in the comfort of their own homes and store them safely for future enjoyment.

An example is the Instant Bubble Tea Kit, which comes in several flavors including caramel, Thai milk tea, matcha, taro, assam, as well as coffee, and tapioca is pre-packaged into single serving sizes for easy storage and usage, a fresh cup of bubble tea can be prepared in less than a minute. There are also canned and bottled bubble tea selections in various flavors for ready consumption.

For those that prefer enjoying boba in ice cream form, Ding Shine Food also offers a line of boba ice cream with an extensive range of flavors, with brown sugar being among the most popular of choices for consumers. Taiwanese snacks and confectionary are also available from the company, including vegan jerky and boba-flavored chocolate. Ding Shine Food continues to innovate on this front, having recently launched a series of milk candies with boba in Australia.

"Introducing the goodness of Taiwanese culture via delicious food is what we love doing at Ding Shine Food, and making it convenient to consume and prepare is the least we can do for our customers around the world," shared Steve Chen, CEO of Ding Shine Food. "Having all different kinds of products also ensures that we can cater to everyone's taste no matter where they are."

A One-Stop Solution

Beyond its products, Ding Shine Food is also renowned for its OEM services. The company can provide private-labelling services for business partners, or customer-focused brand creation when it comes to flavor and packaging, and to the extent of free sample distribution.

Ding Shine Food is more than capable of tailoring all of its services to fit the customer profile of partners in a seamless fashion, and for partners looking to leverage the company's high-quality Taiwanese products, there are no bulk order requirements, which makes it more appealing to smaller businesses.

To find out more about Ding Shine Food, please visit: https://www.dingshinefood.com/index.php?lang=en


About Ding Shine Food International Corp.
Founded in 2015, Ding Shine Food International Corp.'s mission is to promote and export Taiwanese delicacies all over the world. Through development and trade cooperation, the company is able to provide a wide range of products and professional OEM services to partners globally, including instant bubble tea kits, frozen boba drinks, boba ice cream, noodles, and confectionery goods.

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