Dr. Mazen Iskandar Publishes Article Titled, “Hernia During

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Dr. Mazen Iskandar of The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center, which is located in Waxahachie, TX, has recently published a blog post titled, “Hernia During Pregnancy: What Do You Need to Know?” Hernia is a medical condition where a part of an internal organ is pushing through an opening in a muscle and protrudes. If a hernia develops during pregnancy, it may not be a problem right away unless it has started to be painful. However, if it is not treated promptly, it could develop into a more serious condition and may have life-threatening complications.

Women are more likely to develop hernia during pregnancy because the abdominal muscles are being stretched thin and may weaken throughout the pregnancy. Furthermore, according to the Mayo Clinic, several factors may add to the risk of developing hernia during pregnancy. These include: previous abdominal surgery, including hernia repair; older age; obesity or being overweight; multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, and more); lifting heavy objects; chronic sneeze or cough; family history of hernias; and chronic constipation or gastrointestinal tract issues.

With regards to the signs and symptoms of hernia during pregnancy, Dr. Iskandar says, “Not all pregnant women with hernias experience symptoms. A hernia may go undetected until a doctor performs a routine physical examination or diagnostic imaging as part of your prenatal care. However, a hernia frequently manifests in women as a lump or bulge that pops up when you lie down or apply pressure to a neighboring area. This protrusion could be visible, or it could just be something you can feel. Pain from a hernia is usually dull but can be exacerbated by physical activity such as walking fast, sneezing, coughing, lifting heavy objects, exercise, or even laughing very hard. As your pregnancy advances and your body weight increases, your symptoms may intensify.”

There are various kinds of hernias that are common during pregnancy. One is umbilical hernia, which occurs in the belly button. Rather than intestines, it would be internal abdominal adipose tissue that protrudes through the belly button. It may also result into belly button pain but umbilical hernias rarely require medical treatment. Another type is the periumbilical or epigastric hernia, which occurs near the belly button instead of right at the navel. This type of hernia can result into a larger edema. If the doctor believes there is a higher risk of strangulation from the hernia, surgery may be needed.

Meanwhile, the least common type of hernia in women is the inguinal hernia, which can be found in the groin area where the muscles and abdominal wall fibers are under strain due to uterine pressure. But men usually experience groin hernia more than women. And the risk of ventral abdominal wall hernia is pregnant women is also low. However, women who had hernia repair surgery before becoming pregnant have almost 56 percent higher risk of ventral hernia recurrence compared to those who didn’t become pregnant after their hernia surgery.

Dr. Mazen Iskandar, MD, FACS, is a surgeon who specializes in the repair of reoccurring or complex hernias. He is a board-certified general surgeon who went through fellowship training on minimally invasive and bariatric surgery. He has substantial experience in doing complex hernia surgery and abdominal wall repair. And he is currently known as one of the leading complex hernia experts in the US. The procedure that he performs can offer relief for many of the problems that people with complex hernia suffer from, including: morbidity; limited mobility; a reduced quality of life; stress related to health and weight management; greater degrees of body pain; psychological well-being issues; lessened sexual activity; missed opportunities; diminished social and physical functioning; loss of pastimes and hobbies; related health problems; and occupational and career limitations.

Those who would like to know more about the treatment for hernia during pregnancy can visit The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center website or contact them through the phone or by email. They are open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


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Dr. Mazen Iskandar Publishes Article Titled, “Hernia During
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