Airdog releases the world’s first mold and bacteria-free

Chicago, March 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Airdog, the company that revolutionized indoor air purification, announced today another breakthrough air quality product. The Airdog MOI, a next-generation mold and bacteria-resistant humidifier, is designed specifically to safely and conveniently deliver the range of health benefits from a humidifier.

Health benefits from humidifiers include reducing dry skin and lips, allergies, congestion, and coughs to even helping improve sleep and prevent the spread of influenza. If humidifiers are not properly maintained, however, they can also cause numerous health risks from dirty water tanks and too much humidity on the floor or on the wall. 

The elegant Airdog MOI delivers numerous breakthrough technologies that solve common humidifier issues of spreading mold and bacteria. Most humidifiers on the market use ultrasonic technology, which results in only localized humidity. These humidifiers are also often plagued with mold and bacteria growth inside its filtration system if not frequently cleaned. The wet and partially enclosed components are a breeding ground for germs, which could be a respiratory hazard. The humidifier often distributes these harmful particles directly into the air and into our lungs.

The Airdog MOI solves this through a series of unique designs that not only provide automated, controlled and steady humidification but also filter the air. 

  • Airdog MOI uses an advanced cold evaporative technology, which is the most natural way to add moisture to the air.
  • Airdog MOI features a removable, washable filter, eliminating the need to buy replaceable filters.
  • Airdog MOI’s pre-set sanitation mode runs a 40-minute sterilization on its internal components that deactivates >99.99% of the harmful particles present in the tank. This mitigates mold and bacteria growth, providing an additional layer of security.
  • If the water tank runs dry, the fan will proceed to blow-dry the filter before shutting down. This avoids the possibility of mold/bacteria breeding and odor issues on the damp filter inside the internal chamber.
  • Airdog MOI features a patented “shower spray” technology, ensuring consistent evaporative humidity levels regardless of water levels in the tank.

“After the global success of Airdog’s air purifiers, we focused our reinventive approach on technology to produce the perfect humidifier,” notes Airdog CEO Yan Zhang. “Most humidifiers on the market are racked with filth and mold when refilling the water tank, presenting a health hazard. But the MOI’s patented technology brings unprecedented automation, sanitation, and healthy humidity levels into your indoor space.”

The new Airdog MOI is on display for the first time in North America at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago this week where it is also a finalist for a GIA (Global Innovation Award) for Design. Airdog will soon be releasing the MOI in the North American market. Customers can receive up to 40% off on the MOI by signing up for Airdog’s email list. 

In anticipation of the new product release, Yan Zhang noted, “We’re extremely proud of this product. After using the Airdog MOI, we’re confident customers will never go back to the old humidifiers again.”

Airdog will be displaying the MOI humidifier at The Inspired Home Show, Lakeside Center’s Smart Home Pavilion, SH3.

About Airdog

Airdog is a leading global provider of indoor air quality improvement devices. Its air purifiers and humidifiers have proven to eliminate 99.99% of H3N2 viruses and common allergens from the air, and can clean the air of a 1,400 square foot room in one hour. Founded in 2013, Airdog products can be found in homes, offices, hospitals, clinics, schools, factories or assembly lines, scientific labs and even cars in 80+ countries. In the US, Airdog products can be purchased from its website or from Amazon,, Its products have been featured in Newsweek and Forbes. Improve your health today with Airdog.

Airdog releases the world’s first mold and bacteria-free
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