Director/Cinematographer Xiang Cao Presents as a Judge at

LOS ANGELES, March 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The talented and award-winning director and cinematographer Xiang Cao has Presented as a Judge at the 2022 Jingliang Li NFT Contest hosted by LEECH LLC, a leading entertainment company. The contest provides an unique platform for emerging artists who draw inspiration from Jingliang Li, a renowned Chinese mixed martial artist champion.

The contest provides an opportunity for artists to create artwork inspired by Li's portrait, with submissions due by December 2nd, 2022. The theme of the artwork centers on perseverance, striving, the pursuit of dreams, or any other positive characteristics related to Li's indomitable spirit. Xiang will review submissions from a global and diverse pool of artists, with the winner receiving a coveted platform to showcase their talent, as well as other exciting prizes.

"I am thrilled to collaborate with Jingliang Li on this innovative art contest," said Xiang. "As someone who understands quite well the struggle to establish oneself in a creative industry, I am happy to contribute my wisdom to this contest. I look forward to seeing many young artists seize this opportunity to expose their spirit of art to the whole world. Through the artwork of this contest, I want to encourage people to face challenges and gain the same indomitable spirit as Li in his boxing match."

Xiang's reputation for excellence and innovation has made him a trusted and respected figure in the film and music video industry. His involvement in this contest is a testament to his commitment to nurturing and inspiring emerging artists.
The contest offers an unique opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talents to the world, with the backing of Jingliang Li and the creative expertise of Xiang. Numerous entries from diverse cultural backgrounds have already been submitted, with various interpretations of the theme.

As the director & director of cinematography of the music video "GOOD VIBES", Xiang has won multiple film festival awards, including Best Cinematographer of the Year Gold Award at the 2021 European Cinematography Festival (ECA), Gold Award at the Canadian Cinematography Festival (CaCA), and also was shortlisted for the following film festivals: Burbank International Film Festival in the United States. , Glendale International Film Festival, Pasadena International Film Festival (PIFF), and other 30 international and domestic film festival awards.

Good Vibes is a song about breaking free from pressure and living a life for real. In the music video, a spaceman escapes from his crushing spaceship and has himself become a life gamer which happens in a game world. When the collision happens in space and a shooting star appears in the game world, time and space have mixed and his life becomes real in the game world. This work has gained considerable attention on websites such as IMDB, Vimeo, etc. The project not only showcases the director's outstanding leadership and versatile skills on a variety of tasks but also highlights his exceptional professional abilities as a director of cinematography.

Douyin influencer with tens of millions of followers, Paopao had once commented based on their previous corporation, “Xiang is a very thoughtful person. we collaborated on a documentary throughout the entire process, from preparation before the shoot, on-site management during the shoot, and debriefing after the shoot, Xiang's arrangements were clear and well-organized, making the shooting process very smooth. In addition, Xiang is also a very responsible person. When we traveled together for filming, we experienced many difficult problems, such as canceled flights, issues with filming equipment, and even encountered a once-in-a-century rainstorm. It was Xiang's firm attitude and good mentality that helped us ultimately solve these problems and successfully complete the filming task.'"

As a filmmaker, Xiang Cao has set himself the goal of creating films that inspire and motivate others while reflecting his own unique perspective and voice. He aims to produce works that are not only artistically innovative but also socially relevant and to share these works with a wide audience through various channels. To achieve this, Xiang Cao constantly improves his filmmaking skills and knowledge, carefully prepares and manages every aspect of his projects, and seeks out new and unconventional ideas and approaches to storytelling. He also takes responsibility for his projects and leads his team through any challenges they might face, from unexpected setbacks to demanding filming conditions. Through his unwavering dedication and hard work, Xiang Cao aims to contribute to the development of the film industry, cultivate new talent, and inspire other filmmakers and artists to pursue their own unique visions and goals.

Name: Xiang Cao
Phone: 8188779634

Director/Cinematographer Xiang Cao Presents as a Judge at
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